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The Gr8Weight™ Program

The Gr8Weight Program is your personalized online weight loss program, providing you the information and tools to permanently improve your eating habits and lose weight.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before, you’ll find that the Gr8Weight Program really makes a difference. The Program is based upon the principles of behavioral change, personalization, and online collaboration.

Susan Drake, MS, RD
Carol Ireton-Jones, PhD, RD, LD

Week 1 – Your Meal Plan and RoutineWeek 7 – Label Reading & Grocery Shopping
Week 2 – Nutrition 101Week 8 – Cooking at Home
Week 3 – Eating and Stress ManagementWeek 9 – Understanding Metabolism
Week 4 – Sleep and WeightWeek 10 – Inflammation and Health
Week 5 – Supplements and ExerciseWeek 11 – Weight Plateau
Week 6 – Eating Out WiselyWeek 12 – Putting It All Together
At the end of the twelve weeks, you are well on your way towards losing weight forever. Try Gr8Weight today.